About Sensible Leader

Hey there! I’m Ulrich, Engineering Manager at Orbit, the solution for businesses to grow and measure their communities across any platform. I joined the company as employee #4 and am now managing a team of 15 software engineers.

Previously, I was VP of Engineering at Etrilabs, from 2015 to 2020, where I led the engineering organization growth from 0 to more than ten cross-functional teams.

Before Etrilabs, I co-founded several startups, including one exit with Flyerco, a marketing solution for real estate agents.

Why Sensible?

Because I believe great leadership should match both definitions of the word.

sensible /ˈsɛnsɪb(ə)l/ adjective

1. done or chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit.

2. practical and functional rather than decorative.

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Entrepreneur. Currently Engineering Manager @ Orbit.love. Formerly CTO and VP Engineering @ Etrilabs. One exit @ Flyerco.